Job Opportunity

Hospitality industry broadly caters to multi-dimensional fields within service industry like hotel management, lodging, food and beverage, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, travel and tourism. Excellent customer service is the foundation of creating, retaining and growing the number of happy clients and boosting this business.

The hotel industry offers wide range of job opportunities including roles like head chef, executive chef, hotel manager, banquet manager, bar and pub manager, customer care executive, events and conference manager among others. The exceptional economic growth rate of the hospitality industry fuels an exceedingly quick rate of career evolution for employees.

They can avail rapid promotion opportunities or vertical career moves into more complex and prestigious work environments. The dynamic and fast-paced nature of the industry has given way to lucrative administrative positions in this sector. They can choose their area of specialization field from a wider variety of hospitality domains like travel and tourism, hotels and restaurants industry, airlines,cruise ships, casino management, and various food and beverage industries.


  • F&B Service Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Food Production Lab (Cookery & Bakery)
  • House Keeping Lab
  • Advanced Library
  • Front Office

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